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Best Pocket Door Hardware Kit Reviews 2019 with Buying Guide

Best pocket door hardware kit reviews

Pocket doors are what we have in every home. No matter it’s the closet of the kitchen, these doors are like regular home utensils to us.

Just like any part of your home, it requires some hardware for the sake of safety and handling or removing pocket doors. But as you know, the market is overwhelmed with tons of models for each of these items.

To help you pick up the best pocket door hardware kit, we’ve come up with a full list in this honest and unbiased review. It includes a list of pocket door locks and a pocket door handle. We’ve explained every bit of the features, design, and compatibility in details.

Let’s get going-

Best Pocket Door Hardware Kit Reviews 2019

#1. Dynasty Hardware Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin Nickel

Dynasty Hardware Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin NickelDynasty Hardware Round Bed / Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin Nickel
No matter it’s your bedroom, store room, bathroom or anywhere else, you want your pocket door to be secured in a maximum way. But usual pocket door latches come with a shiny advertisement and ends up in frustration in a couple of months.

Presenting, the Dynasty Hardware Round Bed / Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch, which is an exceptional exception out of all these odds. And for its most appreciated features, it holds our #1 rank as well.

We will explain why we’ve picked it up as our first pick. Stay with us and keep going through-

What We Liked
    • A shiny, Satin Nickel finish to match your house interior.
    • Fits any standard bores of 2-⅜” size.
    • Round design for avoiding mismatching issues.
    • It’s a good fit for all kind of pocket doors in your home.
    • Can be locked by turning inside or thumb turn.
    • It is featured with an emergency locking from outside.
    • A smart and easy-to-understand working mechanism.

What We Didn't Like
  • Needs frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Features and Benefits

Round, Hassle Free Design
When we are up for installing a pocket door latch, we have to often deal with a size mismatch. What we mean is, if your door latch is Designer Square, you need to cut a hole of the exact size.

But with a round design, that is not an essence. And this latch gives you with exactly that. You don’t need to cut an extra notch in the door to fit this one. And that’s what we call hassle-free design.

Comfortable fits any 2-⅛” Drilled Door
There are many cases when you have to deal with a usual size mismatch between your door and the door hardware kit. But this one fits nicely in any hole of your door that is of 2-18″ in size.

And installing this latch is pretty much simple. With a proper guideline, even a beginner can do that. All you need is a standard screwdriver.

Can Be Used for All Kind of Rooms
By interior doors, we mean everything where locking is required. Starting from the bedroom, bathroom, and even kitchen, this model would be a good fit for all. No matter it’s the design and functionality, it’s an all-rounder match.

Can be operated In some Ways
You don’t want your pocket door latch to be locked and unlocked only with the key, right? This pocket door latch, therefore, can be locked by turning from inside, a thumb-press and even an emergency unlocking from outside. That may save you from quite some hassle if you forget your lock inside the room and get locked from outside.

A Stunning Nickel Finish
Of course, a door latch is a part of your home’s interior beauty. On that note, Dynasty Hardware Round Bed / Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin Nickel won’t disappoint you at all. It comes with a satin nickel finish, and pretty awesome to look at for sure.

A Smart Locking Mechanism
We know that you are not interested in the mechanism your door latch works through. But we are sure you’ll thank us once we explain the locking mechanism of this lock. A metal sleeve is supposed to come out from the bolt and get in touch with the door jamb.

There is a triangular extension in the sleeve, and that comes out to prevent the door from being opened. Pretty simple, and easy to understand, in case you need to.

If you want to meet the sweet ends of both budget and functionality, this pocket door latch from the inventory of Dynasty hardware is the best fit for you. Hopefully, you’ll also agree with us at that point.

#2. Citiloc Round Hall/Closet Passage Pocket Door Latch

Citiloc Round Hall/Closet Passage Pocket Door LatchCitiloc Round Hall/Closet Passage Pocket Door Latch Oil Rubbed Bronze
If you are in search of a pocket door latch which comes with a beautiful outlook along with useful functionality, we have a model to show you right now. This is called the Citiloc Round Hall/Closet Passage Pocket Door Latch, and it’s a good pick within low-end budget.

It’s around designed latch which fits within almost every kind of door from your house interior. It’s good to look at because of the oil rubbed bronze finish, and it requires no locking functionality.

What We Liked
    • Fits any standard bore size (2-⅜” backset).
    • Round design for easy and hassle-free installing.
    • A right fit for any interior uses.
    • No need to cut a notch at the door to install it.
    • Non-locking type passage for pocket doors.
    • A beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish.

What We Didn't Like
  • You have to line up this latch exactly with the door jam piece.

Let’s look up to more of its features and benefits-

Features and Benefits

An Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
The best feature of this pocket door latch is the outlook of it. As you can see, it comes with an oil rubbed bronze finish with a worldly standard of US11P. No matter you have got a Shiny interior design, or a mild one, it will be a good fit for your home.

Fits Any Standard Door Bore of 2-⅜”
Like any good quality door latches of this day, this one fits right into any standard bore of 2-⅜”. Creating any bore of such size is also a regular duty that even a beginner can do by himself.

No locking functionality for interior door
If you have a complicated looking feature, that comes to be a hassle for almost all of the users. But the good news is, you don’t need any locking mechanism such as closet doors or hallways to equip this latch.

Easy to install
Each time you think about installing a pocket door latch, you might have to call up a handyman. But if you are a DIYer yourself, installing this latch is almost none of a hardship. With a standard screwdriver, you can install it all on yourself.

Fits for all kind of closets and interior halls
Most of the time, we equip a pocket door latch for interior uses. This one we are talking about is it a good fit for the closet, interior hall, and any other kind of pocket doors that you can think about.

So far, this Citiloc Round Hall/Closet Passage Pocket Door Latch seems to meet all standards and tick checkboxes of household pocket door latch requirement. It cans a must-to-have as long as pocket door hardware kits are concerned.

#3. Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Sliding Door Privacy Handle Lock Pull Hardware Set

Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Sliding Door Privacy Handle Lock Pull Hardware SetOil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Sliding Door Privacy Handle Lock Pull Hardware Set
If you are looking for a pocket door pull to use as an open pocket sliding door, this is the right product that you have to look up. This product is from the Inventory of HowPlumb, and it is called the Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Sliding Door Privacy Handle Lock Pull Hardware Set.

Along with a turn locking function, it can be mounted on either the left or right side of the door of your home. If you look at the rest of its features, we’re pretty sure that you’ll keep this hardware on your shortlist.

Let’s get going-

What We Liked
    • It includes an integrated side and pulls plates.
    • There is a turn-locking mechanism for optimal privacy.
    • It is made of durable and high-quality metal.
    • Fits with doors within a size range of 1-⅜” and 1-¾”.
    • And elegant square shaped design.

What We Didn't Like
  • The price point seems to be out of a mid-range budget.

Features and Benefits

A perfect lock for open pocket sliding doors
Sliding doors come in some variations, of which an open pocket sliding door is one. To give it a layer of privacy, you can use this handle lock pull on the pocket door.

As it comes with a turn-locking function, using it to lock the sliding door is quite easy. For opening or closing any pocket sliding door, all you have to do is turn the pull.

It is mountable in a reversible way
No matter you want to fit this lock on the right side or the left side of your hand door, it will be a good fit for both. Based on the design of your home interior, this might give you some extra degree of freedom.

It comes with a turn locking system
To maintain optimum privacy when you are at your home, this lock can be your go-to choice. As you know, using a turn lock mechanism is pretty much easy to use even for kids.

A durable construction
The body, the joint and even the screws- everything is made of all metal. Due to its all-metal construction, this hardware set gives you a promise of years-long durability. All you have to do is to equip this lock on your door once and for all.

Fits with doors of a versatile size range
As you know, most of the other similar models are likely to fit with the fixed door size. But this one here is compatible with any door between a size range of 1-⅜ inches to 1-¾ inches.

An elegant square shaped design
The previous model that we have talked about were of round shaped design. That’s ok if you considered comfortable home interiors. But if you want to go an extra mile and be unique with your interior design, this square-shaped pocket sliding door handle lock may be the right fit for you.

As long as you are not stuck to a comfortable home interior, and also desire optimal security for your sliding door, Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Sliding Door Privacy Handle Lock Pull Hardware Set is the right fit for you.

#4. Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle Sliding Barn Door Pocket Doors Cabinet

Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle Sliding Barn Door Pocket Doors CabinetSehrgut Flush Pull Handle (2 Pack) 6
The product that we have picked for our last slot is not a lock like the rest of them. Instead, we decided to put a pull handle in the bucket list of our best pocket door hardware kit reviews.

It’s a product named Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle, and it’s a 6 inches rectangle shaped pull handle. The material is bronze, with a finish of oil rubbed type. If you have a sliding door or cabinet in your home, you might like to have a look at its features and benefits.

What We Liked
    • Free of any pointy or sharp edges.
    • A smooth, soft finish of oil rubbed bronze.
    • Easy to use finger grip of ½ inches in size.
    • It’s a good fit for single mounting.
    • Easy to install with glue and a couple of screens.
    • Suits with a handful type of doors.
    • It is made of solid stainless steel.
    • Prevents rust and moisture damage.
    • Available in 1,2 or 6 packs.

What We Didn't Like
  • Not a great fit for pocket doors or sliding type.

Below, we have given a hands-on brief on the features and benefits of this handle. Let’s have a look-

Features and Benefits

It’s completely free of Sharp Edges
When it comes to metal made handles, the most frequently complained issue is a sharp handle. Having a sharp metal edge is highly insecure for any home. But the good news is Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle not one with such edges.

You will find a smooth and perfect finish at every inch of this handle. The edges are finely chamfered with hand and polished afterward. So, all you will get is smooth, soft fitting.

A Good Finger Grip of ½ inches
As it’s a handle for the door, it should be able to handle with ease. The ½ inches grip easily lets you do that. The lip that the grip comes with is also super smooth. It can suit any wood up to a thickness of ¾ inches, and even capable of single mounting.

It’s Super Easy to Install
You may think of such hardship when it comes to installing such a handle on your door. But this Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle won’t give you any difficulty and fit right into holes.

All you need to have are a couple of screws and glue. The screw that you will use will be invisible on the top surface. So, it will look even smoother.

It Suits To a Wide Range of Door Types
The outlook and design of this handle can be the right fit for all sort of doors. No matter it’s an interior door of pocket type, bard type, bifold type- it will suit well with that. Also, you can use it like a regular door handle as a kitchen door or so on.

Great Materialistic Strength
You might have wondered about the material that it is made of. The good news is, it is made of solid stainless steel of 304 grades. On top of that, it has soft and smooth oil rubbed bronze finish.

The particular virtue of the finish is, it won’t let the door be affected by the rust or water anyway.

Of course, you need to have a good quality door handle right after you are done with setting up the door. If you do, then why stucked to ordinary door handles who will stuff away after six months of use?

We think Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle would be a good pick considering both price and quality. What’re your thoughts on this hardware?

How to choose the top-rated pocket door hardware kit for your project?

In any general apartments, a pocket door is a must included part of the whole interior. In this regard, everyone is in search of pocket door hardware kits. But when you are up in the market to buy some, you need to keep these few factors in your mind-

The Material of Your Door
In most of the cases, pocket doors are made of wood. But there are some exceptions as well. If you use materials like plastic, PVC boards then not every item available in the market will be a good fit for your pocket door.

Even in the case of wooden pocket doors, there are requirements which vary from wood type to type. So, make sure that the material of your door is okay with the hardware you’re about to buy.

The Right Size
You can’t buy a door pull lock for a pocket door which has size mismatch with your door. There are many cases when the door thickness comes to be less than what the door lock is demanding to have. Keep an eye on that as well.

The Design and Finish
Some locks come to be round; some come to be rectangular. But no matter what, you should keep in mind that it should not look odd. Also, have a look at the finishing of your door hardware, so that it doesn’t turn to be a mismatch with your home interior.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the list of door locks and door handles we’ve talked in this Best Pocket Door Hardware Kit Reviews are likely to be the right fit with your pocket door, and the whole house interior as well.

Let us know in the comment section if we’ve missed any of your favorite items!

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