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How to Cut Wood Without a Saw Using Different Wood Cutting Tools

How to cut wood without a saw using different wood cutting tools

I am a woodworking lover, and I know how to cut wood without a saw. In this article, I am going to share my practical experience with a few other best wood cutting tools.

Although there are different types of saws are available on the market to cut the wood. Rather than saw you can also cut wood using other techniques.

Woodcutting is an art for which you have to have skill. Not only skill, but it should also need care when doing it. Saw is the main tool for woodcutting but one may not have this to him.

So, even if a practicing carpenter wants to practice this can’t he do the job without a saw? He can. I saw most of the carpenters use different decent mini circular saws for their DIY projects.

You will find a lot of other tools to cut the wood. For this, we need to know how to cut wood without a saw or other power tools. Let’s know about the tools with their functions. I am going to discuss this so stay with me.

How to cut wood without a saw: Wood Cutting Tools

#1. How to cut wood with a knife:

Cutting wood with a knife

If some pieces of woods exceed the length, then you can fix it with a well-sharpened and decent knife. The process is:

  • First, sharpen your knife using a file.
  • One way is implementing the slanting technique. For this, hold the wood which is to be cut firmly and using the knife, cut it at a slanted angle.
  • Trim the wood’s edges appropriately.
  • Another way is, cut small bits from the point of cutting by a knife. Then snap the wood using your hand. And after that trim the cut with sharp knife. Now the wood is ready for use.

You can cut only thin pieces of wood using a sharp knife. Let’s see how we can cut dry wood with a buck knife.

#2. How to cut wood with a drill:

Cutting wood using a drill machine

Carpenters prefer certain types of woods for furniture whose breadth is relatively thin. Other dimensions are much longer. In that case, carpenters use a quality drill machine quickly and easily without relying on a saw.

  • First, make several perforations on the wood using a drill machine. The apertures should be online.
  • Repeat the process until the wood gets weaken and then break off along the line of perforations.
  • Then trim the wood edges using any tool, i.e. sharp knife or sharp machete. Now your furniture wood is ready to use.

#3. Using a sharp machete:

Sharp Machete

For cutting thin raw wood, carpenters apply this tool in place of a saw. Cutting raw thing wood is not something that needs to have a saw. A well-sharpened machete can do it correctly.

  • First, identify the point from where you want to start the cut and mark the point clearly around the wood.
  • Use your sharp machete for cutting small bits along the marked line at a slanted position. Repeat this on both sides of the wood.
  • Repeat this process until the wood breaks.
  • To have sharp edges, trim the edges by your sharp machete.

You can repeat the procedure for getting as many as woods. So you must not depend on the saw for cutting woods.

If you want to cut any dry tree, a sharp machete is one of the best options. Let’s watch the below video for more detail:

#4. Cutting wood without a saw: Using a sharp ax

wood cutting axe

A higher thickness of wood you can cut using a top quality sharp ax if you have no saw in your stock. Although the process is time-consuming, it is better to use an ax. Undoubtedly this is one of the best tools to cut wood.

  • Mark a clear lone where you intend to start from around the wood. And then use a sharp ax for cutting small bits few inches from the line.
  • Do this continuous and then look into the other side of the line. Do the same.
  • Continue this until the wood gets weak to break.
  • After breaking, use the sharp ax to trim the edges.

I think this is one of the easy ways to cut wood without a saw. What do you think?

#5. Using chisels:

cutting wood with a chisel

In place of a saw, you can also cut wood using a top-quality woodworking chisel. Find the best one from top-rated brands on the market in 2019. The procedure is given below:

  • Find a suitable chisel and sharp it up its edges. Know how to chisel wood.
  • Secure the wood on a firm surface. After that hold the chisel with both hands.
  • With bevel side up and flat side against wood surface carve at a 16 to 20-degree angle.
  • Then hold a hammer with the dominant hand and the chisel with the other hand. Put it onto the wood.
  • Hit the chisel with a hammer and then lever it up to remove chipped wood.

Important read: types of chisels and their uses.

Therefore, the wood is cut. Let’s watch the below video for some very essential techniques to achieve crisp dovetails:

#6. Cutting wood with planes:

wood cutting plane

Without saw you can cut wood using a decent plane:

  • Make sure your plane has a sharp blade for depth and lateral alignment.
  • According to the depth of the wood, you want to cut, adjust the depth adjustment wheel.
  • Plane the wood through the entire length and must follow the direction of the grain. Without minding the grain, you can ruin the surface of the piece of wood.
  • Plane the wood from one side to another and vice versa.

Thus you can use a plane as the instruction is simple. Let’s watch the video to know how to use a smoothing plane.

#7. Cutting wood using a router:

wood cutting router

It is one of the most versatile electric tools. How to use a router for cutting wood is given:

  • Install the router bit and adjust the gauge for how much depth you want to go.
  • For engaging it with the wood, pull the trigger. Then push it downward.
  • Move the router in the direction of cut.
  • When finfish cutting, release downward pressure on router handle.
  • Use other bits for cutting edges and set the gauge. Again push downward, pull the trigger, move router from left to right, release pressure on handles.

Let’s watch the video to know how to cut out shapes using a router. 

#8. Using a lathe:

wood cutting lathe

To create functional furniture component, you can use a top quality lathe. Without applying saw, you can do it quickly. The procedure is here:

  • At first, mark the center of the wood piece and place in between lathe centers.
  • Turn your lathe on at the lowest speed. Watch the chip size is cut from the wood.
  • Move the edge so that it is parallel to the rotation of the wood piece.
  • Push the tool into the stock to remove an equal amount of wood. Thus you can cut wood, its angular corners and even make a cylindrical shape.
  • After cutting, increase lathe speed to smooth the surface, then move it slowly along wood’s length.

Now your work is finished with just a lathe.

See the below video to know more about how to cut wood without a saw

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you cut balsa wood with scissors?
Answer: Using a dull blade is not a wise decision. As a woodworking lover, I am suggesting you do not use any scissors no matter how thin is the wood. If you want my suggestion, I would recommend a Stanley knife, a sharp knife or a quality razor blade.

#2. What do I use to cut wood?
Answer: I use different types of saws like Jigsaw, circular saw, miter saw, table sawreciprocating saw and door trimming saw.

#3. What saw to use to cut wood?
Answer: My favorite choice is a top-notch Circular saw.  I can use this for cutting short lengths, long lengths and a well as in different angles. Circular saw is the best for cutting woods, but if you have a top quality blade, you can also cut stone or metal. I love its straight cut option.

#4. Can you use a jigsaw to cut wood?
Answer: Yes, you can. But to cut the wood with a jigsaw, you need a proper blade and a quality jigsaw. For cutting wood, Jigsaw uses 1/8 inches embedded nails.

#5. Can you use a hacksaw on wood?
Answer: Hacksaw is best for cutting metal, but sometimes you can use it for cutting woods and plastics also.

#6. Can I use a Rotorazer to cut wood?
Answer: Rotorazer is a versatile and innovative 7 in 1 tool. Crafters, carpenters, interior designers and as well as construction workers are also using this mini circular saw. We are using rotorazer, and few of its alternatives to cut wood, plastic, plywood, hardwood, drywall, laminated wall, ceramic tiles, sheet metal, masonry, grout, marble, PVC, pegboard, travertine, and steel.

Final Words

Not necessary that you should have seen to cut wood. As you see, you can quickly cut a piece of wood using various types of tools. Only you need to know how to cut wood without a saw.

And the processes of cutting wood with some of the tools are given here so that you are the beneficiary. Now, enjoy your work! And utilize each job with these tools without giving a second thought.

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