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Quality wood chisels brands: Narex Dewalt Stanley Irwin Chisels Rated

quality wood chisels brands

Chisels are one of the vintage tools that are still able to hold it’s demand and value to woodworkers, craftsmen, and carpenters. From last few decades, we’ve been lucky enough to witness revolutionary changes in the quality, built and versatility of these tiny hand tools. All credit goes to the brands around the globe who’re making it.

Before finding the top brands let’s know how to chisel wood. Talking about the brands who make chisels, there are quite a number of big names. And in this article, we’ll be talking you through the list of some quality wood chisels brands.

Let’s start-

Quality wood chisels Brands List in 2019

Narex chisels

Narex chisels

The crown winner brand of this list is none other than- The Narex Chisels. A fantastic product lineup owned by Czech manufacturer Narex Bystrice.

Although it’s quite big on a company now, it all started with a family-owned business back in 1937. The family was from the Czech Republic, and they’re still the major shareholders of the company.

Chisels that come from Narex had been able to put a great cut and earn applause from both craftsmen and carpenters. The neat workmanship, solid quality, sturdy design, and budget-friendly pricing- we love everything about Narex chisels.

Here are the three best types of chisels that Narex had been evolving for years-

  • Wood Line
  • Wood Line Plus
  • Wood Line Plus Butt Chisels

Three top quality Narex chisels on Amazon

#1. Narex 6 pc set 6mm Woodworking Chisels in Wooden Presentation Box 853053 

#2. Narex (Made in the Czech Republic) 4 pc set 6mm Woodworking Chisels 863010

#3. Narex (Made in the Czech Republic) Premium 8 pc set 6 mm Chisels w/ Hornbeam Handles 

Stanley chisels

Stanley chisels

Stanely Chisels are from the product house of Stanely Hand Tools, which is a sister concern of Stanely black and Decker. And Stanely Black and Decker is the merged joint-venture of Stanely Works and Black Decker. The company due joined between themselves back in 2010.

The original Stanely works were founded in 1843 in New Britain, Connecticut. Since then till now, they have earned quite a stable place in the industry of hand tools. Among their tools, we mostly recognize chisels, hand planes, rulers, tri-squares, saws and so on.

In the consumer level and industry level machining, Stanely hand tools are widely used. There are some innovative instruments they’ve got in the cart. Such as- Surform shaper, Bailey Plane, The Stanely Utility knife and the PowerLock tape measure and so on.

However, the unique kind of product that they’ve ever produced is the Stanely #1 Odd Jobs- a collection of great multitools.

As we’re talking about quality wood chisel brands, here are some of the noteworthy chisel models from them available on Amazon:

#1. Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisel Set, Brown, 4 – Piece

#2. Stanley 16-150 150 Series Short Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set 

#3. Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set, 5-Piece

Lie Nielsen Chisels

Lie Nielsen Chisels

Lie Nielsen Chisels is a concern of Lie Nielsen Toolworks Inc. It was introduced back in 1981, and they had managed to be one of the industry pioneers since establishment.

They specialize on hand tools mainly, primarily for woodworking. Apart from industrial and consumer-grade products, they also specialize in traditional designs. However, Lie Nielsen Toolworks is mainly known for the hand planes that they produce.

Comparing to some other similar brands, the price-point of Lie Nielsen Chisels products is quite high. But as per their consumer satisfaction is considered, we would give a thumbs up to that.

Some of the best woodworking chisels that this brand produces are followings-

  • Bevel Edge Socket Chisels
  • Mortise Chisels
  • Fishtail Chisels
  • Corner Chisels
  • Drawer Lock Chisel Pair

Irwin Marples chisels

Irwin Marples chisels

If you need a chisel to put in good use for a long time, Irwin Maples is probably one of the best few brands. They have a long story behind today’s success, and it all started over a century ago. Two of their founders from Americal Heartland kicked it off in 1884.

After four decades of an establishment, another blacksmith who was being quite enormous with his idea of manufacturing quality tools for farmers joined the team. Irwin Marples and the Vise-grip (the company of the blacksmith) joined together. And that’s the beginning of their story of ruling the tools industry.

However, the recent biggest event is, Newell Brand acquired the Irwin in 2002 and renamed the brand in the same year.

Some of the top-rated wood chisels from this brand are available on Amazon:

#1. Irwin Tools Marples Woodworking Chisel Set, 6 Piece, M444SB6N

#2. IRWIN Tools Marples Woodworking Chisel Set, 4-Piece (1885164) – M444S4N 

#3. IRWIN Tools Marples Woodworking Chisel, 3/8-inch (10mm) (M44438N) by Irwin Tools

IBC chisels

IBC chisels

IBC stands for Industrial Blade Company- an e-Commerce company as well as a tool manufacturer. In 2016, they have celebrated their 20th anniversary, and the whole ride was quite an experience so far.

IBC also had the title holder of ‘Tool of the Year’ for the year of 2015 and earned handful of critical acclaims from woodworkers, carpenters and so on.

IBC produces mainly three types of products- Chisels, Hand plane blades and chip breakers, and Marking knives. Unlike other brands, they’ve stuck to only these three types of products and honing up their excellence as a manufacturer. There is also some accessories product that they make.

Talking about IBC chisels, there are ten models of them that they produce. Among them, butt chisels. Skew chisels and chisel handles are noteworthy picks.

Here is a list of the chisels that IBC produce on an industrial basis-

  • IBC Skew Chisels With Maple Handle
  • IBC Skew Chisels With Walnut Handle
  • IBC Butt Chisels With Maple Handle
  • IBC Chisel Blades

Blue spruce chisels

Blue spruce chisels

Blue Spruce chisels are from the production house of Blue Spruce Toolwords Inc. It kickstarted with an experimental, part-time intention. The owner is Dave Jeske started its production unit just with a marking knife to fulfill needs of smaller scale carpenters.

Over the years, they have brought up many more products like tool rolls, chisels, mallet and so on. Among all these products, one of their hammers had earned several awards. And the precision chisels that they produce are widely popular among professional carpenters.

The chisels that they produce are a perfect combination of form and balance.

But just many other good brands, the price point of Blue spruce chisels is entirely above the bar. So, beginner’s tools are not what you should look for under Blue Spruce’s umbrella.

A few top-rated Blue spruce chisels given below-

  • Dovetail Chisel.
  • Butt Chisel.
  • Detail Chisel.
  • Fishtail and Skew Chisel.
  • Bench Chisel.
  • Paring Chisel.

Dewalt chisel

dewalt torque wrench

Whenever it comes to tools and tools accessories (both power and hand type), Dewalt is no less than a Gigantic name. It’s a worldwide brand from America, and they had been contributing to the industry of construction, craftsmanship, electronics, manufacturing, and whatnot.

The brand took off in the year 1923 and started growing fast. In 1947, they renamed themselves as DeWALT Inc., and that’s what we know them as now.

Dewalt produces a handful of tools ranging from power tools (Drill, Cordless tools, Grinders, Saws, Nailers, and Staples), hand tools (axes, chisels, hammers, knives, blades, measuring instruments. Hand saws, screwdrivers, sockets, impact sockets), accessories, outdoor equipment and so on.

To talk about Dewalt Chisels, these had been one of their most prominent hand tools. Although, the number of chisels hadn’t been so much so far. But the few that the produce, are world-class regarding standard.

Here is the list of woodworking chisels that Dewalt produces-

  • 3 PC Side Strike Wood Chisel Set
  • 4 PC Wood Chisel Set
  • Side Strike Chisel

Let’s have a look at the best DeWalt chisels available on Amazon:

#1. DEWALT 3 pc Side Strike Wood chisel 

#2. DEWALT DW5771 18-Inch Bull Point Chisel Spline Shank

#3. DEWALT DW5834 1-Inch by 12-Inch Cold Chisel SDS Max Shank 

Henry Taylor chisels

Henry Taylor Tools operated through Acorn Tools since 1834. It’s one of the oldest brands that had been in the tools industry. The type of tool that they primarily focus on is woodworking tools, woodturning tools, wood carving tools and so on.

The most excellent example of the standard that Henry Taylor Tools maintain is, they hand-forge each of their prototypes before releasing commercially. Also, the metallurgic quality that they maintain is entirely praiseworthy.

Chisels and Skews that this brand produces is of three types mainly- Plain, Square, and Oval end. Also, these chisels vary a lot regarding gauge. There is traditional bowl gauge, rouging out gauge, spindle gauge and so on.

Have a look at some of Henry Taylor chisels that are available on the market-

  • Henry Taylor Diamic Latrobe Double Six Wood Turning Chisels
  • Henry Taylor 16 Piece Set
  • Henry Taylor Sheffield England
  • Henry Taylor 6mm Fish Tail Gouge

Greenlee chisels

Greenlee chisels

The last brand of today’s list is Greenlee, from Illinois, America. The company founded back in 1862, and the founders were Robert Greenlee and Ralph Greenlee. The first invention attempt that the brother duo took was a drill surrounded by four chisel blades.

However, the company was owned by Textron back in 1986. A couple of other brands such as Klauke, Fairmount Hydraulics were combined with the brand later.

Now in 2019, they are manufacturing a wide array of tools, electronics items, wires and cables, plumber’s items — hydraulic pumps, utility products, fishing tools and so on.

Talking about the chisels that Greenlee produces, let’s look at the list-

  • GREENLEE 1 In. Socket Firmer Chisel
  • Vintage 1″ Greenlee Wood Handle Socket Firmer Gouge Chisel
  • Vintage Greenlee Socket Type 1″ Chisel
  • Vintage Greenlee 1″ Bevel Edge Socket Chisel

In Conclusion

That was the list of some of the ruling and quality wood chisels brands, and hopefully, you’ll find your next best wood chisel from one of their inventories. Best of luck with your craftsmanship!